The Future Is Green is the manifestation of a vision for a better tomorrow; making informed decisions, creating safer products using natural ingredients.

The FIG is the outcome of deep ponder over the ingredient information on the back of a shower gel bottle… Researching deeper into this, we noticed how popular chemicals like Formaldehyde, Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) and Parabens are in cosmetic/personal care products, and their close link to cancer, reproductive issues and hormone imbalance. Well long story short, we found out that we can make these products with clean, natural ingredients and we made them interesting… Enjoy <3

Our mission is to provide fellow humans with a toxin-free, eco-friendly and artistic alternative for daily used products.


At The FIG we have a soap for just about anyone, doesn’t matter if you have dry skin or oily, we take care of it all. Our six varieties of soaps can help you with all your skin care needs, The FIG soaps can be used as a body wash or a face wash to get rid of those pesky little dark spots or blackheads and to top it of, it just smells amazing!

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Don’t miss out on what our soap line is doing for this planet and for you!


Nothing compares to Nature’s gifts. That’s why we only look to natural ingredients to make our products truly be a gift to your skin.


Most of the soaps these days often fails to serve its true purpose. Well ours don’t, our soaps are Sulfate Free, Dioxane Free, Paraben Free, Triclosan Free.


Our Artisans put their hearts & souls into making our products, Combining age-old techniques with modern technology, everything we make is truly a work of art.


All of our products are designed to be kind to you, so we think we should be kind to everyone else too! We are strongly committed to making vegan products, and our products are completely cruelty free.

“Be good to your skin you’ll wear it everyday for the rest of your life!”

About Us

We are an Indian based company who specializes in skincare. We use nature’s own ingredients in each of our products. These unique recipes are great for your skin as well as the planet. At The Fig we care about customer satisfaction. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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